The Global Chinese Psychology Association (GCPA) is a scientific, non-profit and global association founded by a group of young Chinese scholars, as a new initiative to link all Chinese psychologists across the world, to promote global well-being and to advance the development of psychology in Chinese communities. GCPA produces and organizes research, publications, training centres, workshops and conferences of the highest quality, runs the GCPA assessment centre. We integrate the knowledge of psychology into a first-rate evidence-based practice in the general population. In order to achieve this, we actively communicate with academic communities, research organisations , business sectors, policy makers and the general public. 
Our association was also founded by members from prestigious academic institutions. We are advised by the most established scientists and professionals in psychology, including Prof. Martin Seligman (University of Pennsylvania), Prof. Felicia Huppert (University of Cambridge), Prof. Carol Kauffman (Harvard University), Prof. Richard Layard (London School of Economics), Prof. Christopher Peterson (University of Michigan) and Prof. Fanny Cheung (The Chinese University of Hong Kong) etc.  

Affiliated organizations