Affiliated organizations
The Positive Psychology Center of the University of Pennsylvania takes the lead in research, training, education, and the dissemination of Positive Psychology. It has made immense contribution to the promotion of the strengths and virtues that enable individuals and communities to thrive. The Center offers the most comprehensive positive psychology assessment tools and questionnaires, which can be assessed at:

GCPA’s research projects and seminars were possible thanks to the support and participation of the Center. Prof. Martin Seligman, the Center’s director, is also GCPA’s chief advisor and plays a central role in the movement of positive psychology and GCPA. He was also the opening keynote speaker for the 1st International Positive Psychology and Education Conference of China in 2010 chaired by GCPA. Yukun Zhou, an executive member from GCPA, is currently translating the new book “Flourish” by Prof. Seligman in 2011. GCPA is the key organizer of Seligman China visit in 2012.


Ever since its foundation in 2007, the International Positive Psychology Association (IPPA) has been striving to promote the science and the application of positive psychology to the public, as well as facilitating international, inter-disciplinary collaboration among researchers, teachers, students and positive psychology practitioners. It currently has over 3000 members worldwide.

IPPA’s Executive Director, James Pawelski, is GCPA’s advisor and was a key speaker at the 1st International Positive Psychology and Education Conference in China, for which IPPA was the sole foreign co-organizer invited by GCPA. GCPA is looking forward to yet more collaboration with IPPA in future events and conferences in China.

Since its establishment in 2009, the McLean Hospital’s Institute of Coaching at Harvard University, a non-profit organization, has been advancing coaching research, education and practice. By facilitating exchange among experts in the field of coaching and positive psychology, the Institute provides immense support to professional coaches and all those who use coaching skills in their personal and professional life.

GCPA and the Institute of Coaching have collaborated in various research projects including "The Wellbeing of Prominent Business Leaders in China", "Positive Interventions and its Applications in Therapy for the Harvard Psychiatry Review", "Positive Leadership Model", and many others. Every year, GCPA sends students to the Institute for summer internship.

The Cambridge University Well-being Institute is dedicated to advancing the scientific understanding of well-being and applying this new knowledge to help people and institutions develop their full potential. It is a world leader in the science and measurement of well-being.

GCPA works in collaboration with the Institute to make this new knowledge of well-being as accessible as possible. Many of GCPA’s research projects and seminars were possible thanks to the advice and participation of members of the Institute. In particular, Timothy So, President of GCPA, is developing the flourishing measure with the founding director of the Institute, Dr. Felicia Huppert’s supervision.

The New Zealand Association of Positive Psychology (NZAPP) is one of New Zealand’s academic non-profit organizations. Its researches and evidence-based applications among researchers, practitioners, teachers, and students and across different disciplines in New Zealand are dedicated to the promotion of positive psychology.

Liaisons between GCPA and many international organizations such as the NZAPP are indispensable in the effort to reach Chinese communities around the globe.

Since 2005, the Centre for Applied Positive Psychology (CAPP) has been living up to its purpose of ‘Strengthening the world’ through the provision of excellent consulting services, online assessment and dissemination of their expertise in positive psychology, and also through organizing the Applied Positive Psychology Conference and publishing.

CAPP’s Prime Ministerial Strengths Survey Report, which examined positive leaders’ strengths, was a first in the field. GCPA has been conducting a cross-cultural survey in Hong Kong under the same framework, with collaboration and enormous support from CAPP.

Positive Psychology News Daily is the first online newspaper that brings the most up-to-date, fun, research-based articles on positive psychology to the general public. Esteemed alumni and students of the Master of Applied Psychology Program from University of Pennsylvania and invited guest authors, including few executive members of GCPA, write many of the articles.

Cheers Publishing is renown in China for publishing psychology, business and management books in China. 

Already, Cheers Publishing has appointed our GCPA founding president serving as the Editor in Chief for “The Well-being Series”. This initiative covers over 12 English best-sellers on positive psychology and well-being written by leading figures in the field and brought them to Chinese readers. Cheers Publishing will be publishing GCPA’s book on Chinese CEO Wellbeing in 2012. Some of GCPA’s members are translators for Cheers Publishing.

Affiliated organizations